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Thor 3: Ragnarok - Gladiator Hulk Q-Fig Max Diorama

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An armored Hulk springs into action, ready to land a crushing blow with his gigantic war hammer in QmX's Q-Fig Max diorama based on the character from the 2017 film Thor: Ragnarok.

The big green dude appears as a surprise opponent in the Grandmaster's Contest of Champions, pitted against fellow Avenger, Thor.

This not-so-gentle giant features:
Full battle gear with detailed armor and sandals.
Plumed gladiator helmet.
Big, scary war hammer.
Sakaaran war paint on his torso.
Fierce facial expression.
A much bigger cloud of dust than Thor ?s.

The base of this Hulk Q-Fig Max diorama slides into position (but does not lock) with the Thor: Ragnarok Q-Fig Diorama (sold separately). These two Q-Fig dioramas make perfect companions, or can be displayed individually.

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Thor 3: Ragnarok - Gladiator Hulk Q-Fig Max Diorama