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WarLock Tiles - Accessory Torture Chamber

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Please note that this is NOT a live stock holding of our Dapto store, This is a listing of available stock that is orderable from our suppliers. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to email us

This set contains:
2x - Cage
2x - Chains
1x - Iron Maiden
2x - Stock
2x - Torture Cross
2x - The Rack
1x - Drowning Through
2x - Hanging Cage
1x - Table
1x - Assistant
1x - Brazen Bull
2x - Fire Bowl (w clear fire element)
1x - Spike Chair
1x - Pendulum
2x - Fire Torch Lamp on Wood Stand
1x - Surgical Tray
1x - The Catherine Wheel
1x - Torturer

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Brand WizKids Games
Product code WZK16527
Barcode 634482165270
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WarLock Tiles - Accessory Torture Chamber