We are delivering as quickly and safely as we can, but some items are taking longer than usual.

Use the info below to estimate how long your delivery will take to arrive. Please bear in mind that times vary based on destination and are subject to change.

All our orders are sent through Australia Post and will give you tracking where possible.



Free standard shipping through Australia Post on orders over $100.

Free Shipping on all DVD’s, Blu-ray & 4k Movies, Anime and TV Series

Free shipping in the Illawarra using code BESKAR


Products in our "IN STOCK" section are as accurate as we can be withwhat stock we currentl have in stock at our Dapto Store as we do not have a live feed we are keeping this as up to date as possible, there may be a possibility that your order may be out of stock in our store so we will update your order and order it in from our suppliers.


On Products stating “AVAILABLE TO ORDER” please note that we may not have in stock in our Dapto store and will order it in from our supplier which usually takes 10-14 days (this is stated next to the ordering button on the product).



Our Pre-order products are set by the Pre-order date with our supplier, we have no control if the product gets delayed. During the COVID-19 pandemic many manufacturers have had significant delays in the production of products. We try to keep you updated with your orders as we get the information. Pre-Order dates are ESTIMATES. Due to Covid and other restrictions, suppliers are unable to give accurate ETA's and Dates may be delayed without notice. If you are concerned about a Pre-order please dont heitate to email us  at and we can give you as much information aas we can. Orders take 10-14 days from release date of supplier to be processed and mailed to you or sent to the store for click & collect.


Metro Postcodes

1000-2263, 2500-2530, 2555-2574, 2740-2786, 2890, 2899, 3000-3220, 3335-3341, 3425-3443, 3750-3811, 3910-3920, 3926-3944, 3972-3978, 3980-3983, 8000-8999, 4000-4224, 4225, 4226-4299, 4500-4549, 9000-9299, 9400-9596, 9700-9799, 5000-5199, 5800-5999, 0800-0999, 6000-6214, 6800-6999, 7000-7150, 7155-7999.


Country Postcodes

0200-0299, 2264-2484, 2485-2486, 2487-2499, 2531-2554, 2575-2639, 2640-2641, 2642-2647, 2648, 2649-2714, 2715, 2716, 2717-2719, 2720-2730, 2731-2739, 2787-2879, 2880, 2881-2889, 2891-2898, 2900-2999, 3221-3334, 3342-3424, 3444-3688, 3689-3690, 3691-3749, 3812-3909, 3921-3925, 3945-3971, 3979, 3984-3999, 4300-4449, 4450-4499, 4550-4699, 4700-4805, 4806-4899, 9597-9599, 9880-9919, 9920-9959, 5200-5749, 6215-6699, 6700-6797, 6798-6799.


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